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Your photos of Friday 13th Harvest Moon in Herefordshire

Tonight’s Friday 13th Harvest Moon brought Herefordshire’s amateur photographers out in number.

Clear skies and mild temperatures made for ideal conditions to see the natural spectacle.

Here are your pictures:

Hereford Times:

Karen Friedman: Wonderful Harvest Moon tonight

When is September’s Harvest Moon?

The full moon, which falls closest to the September equinox, is named after the Harvest season.

It will shine on September 13 into the 14 and if we’re being technical, it’ll actually be on Saturday 14th as it’ll hit peak at about 5.30am.

Traditionally the Harvest Moon comes from when farmers would need to start gathering crops to prepare for the winter months, using the bright light to extend the working day.

Every three years, the month of the Harvest Moon varies, and appears in October.

When this happens, it is known as the Full Corn Moon apparently.

Hereford Times:

Andrew Morris: Taken from Leominster at 10.25pm with hand-held camera

Is the Harvest Moon bigger or brighter than normal?

Tonight’s Harvest Moon is being called a ‘micromoon’ due to being about 14% smaller in the sky than an average full moon.

A full moon appearing on the night of Friday the 13th is also very rare as the last time it happened was the year 2000 and it won’t happen again until 2049.

Hereford Times:

Andrew Wigmore: Tonight’s moon. Not band for a hand-held shot on full zoom

When are the other full moons this year?

In October, the full moon is the Hunter’s Moon, or also known as the Travel Moon, or if you’re feeling despondent, the Dying Grass Moon. This year it will be visible on October 13.

November’s full moon is the depressingly named, Mourning Moon.

It marks the beginning of the end and in many cultures it is connected to death and loss. In the US it is known as Beaver Moon. This year, it will rise on November 12.

In December, the Cold Moon will shine on December 12.

Hereford Times:

Caroline Faulder

Hereford Times:

Karen Lynch: Harvest Moon in Lower Bullingham

Hereford Times:

Kay Dickerson: Full moon from Kington

Hereford Times:

Sarah Payne: Harvest Moon from Leominster

Hereford Times:

Zoe Wiggy Wigmore

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