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Video proves Jarrett Guarantano called his own number vs. Bama

Jeremy Pruitt called it a “miscommunication” between Jarrett Guarantano and Tennessee’s offensive staff.

SEC Network’s Jordan Rodgers wasn’t so lenient in his assertion of the Vols quarterback’s fourth-and-goal fumble that was returned for a touchdown in the fourth quarter of Saturday night’s loss at Alabama.

Rodgers on Monday posted a video on Twitter relaying what he saw as a former quarterback. Guarantano goes “rogue” on the play and called his own number, which led to a furious Pruitt on the sideline.

“To be clear, this was not called a quarterback sneak nor does it seem that Guarantano audibled because his left guard would not be pulling away if it was a quarterback sneak,” Rodgers says on the video. “The actual play call here is G-lead, a power scheme. It’s a down and around scheme.

“If Guarantano hands this ball off, it’s an absolute walk into the end zone.”

“This was an absolute rogue moment by Jarrett Guarantano and it cost them the game,” Rodgers said. “Jeremy Pruitt has every right to be upset. Watch it play out. It’s the perfect play-call. It’s a touchdown if it’s handed off and who knows what happens in the fourth quarter.”

Guarantano lost control of the ball while trying to reach over the goal line and the fumble was scooped up by Crimson Tide defensive back Trevon Diggs in the end zone, who took it 100 yards the other way to seal Alabama’s win.

“We’re close down there on the goal line, right, so you’ve got an opportunity to run the sneak or give the ball there to Q (Quavaris Crouch) again,” Pruitt said after the loss. “There was some miscommunication out there, and that’s our fault. It’s nobody’s fault. It’s the coaches’ fault, starting with me. There’s no reason to hurry up. The ball’s this far from the end line.

“We ran two quarterback sneaks earlier in the game by pushing the pile, and our guys, they pointed the front a little bit right there. Talking about it there on the sideline, we could either go back with it (on a handoff) or run a sneak, and we elected to run a sneak and shouldn’t have jumped over the the top, should have pushed it there in the middle.”

Tennessee left guard Smith and center Brandon Kennedy addressed the play after the game without providing much in the way of clarity.

“I was pulling away from the play,” Smith said. “I really didn’t know what happened, but it was a simple miscommunication. I’m not sure (what the call was), and I don’t want to give (away) the details of our calls and nuances about that. But it was a miscommunication and we’ve just got to do better on our part in our execution.”

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