Spotify Playlists for Switzerland trip, but without a Swiss music

“Sweet home Alabama!”, roaring Lynyrd Skynyrd. Alabama, the state with the blue sky. Just think of wide landscapes or huge cotton fields. Perhaps also to its capital, Montgomery. But how do you apply certainly no mind: cows, traditional folk Costumes and folk groups. Only, where is the connection?

The answer is actually simple: nowhere. However, Switzerland tourism, a Federal-funded marketing organization that actually manages to create a reference. Now it provides for each and every stage of the Grand Tour of Switzerland, a Road Trip through Switzerland, a specially-made Playlist on Spotify available. “Each section of the Tour receives a matching Soundtrack – from lake Geneva to lake Constance, Eastern Switzerland, to the Ticino,” reports the organization. “Switzerland sounds on Spotify,” says the advertising slogan.

Where are the Swiss Hits?

What sounds basically exciting, disappointed, on closer Listening, however, all along the line. Goes for example with the car through the Appenzell, smashes the Playlist of Songs from Roxette, the Imagine Dragons or the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Hardly Gotthard. Not A Crocus. And certainly no Züri West. Swiss artists remain in all of the combinations of small minorities.

In a media release indicates MySwitzerland: The eleven Playlists are a “musical profile of Switzerland”. Actually? In English or high German artists are really all we have to offer in Switzerland, musically? Where the alphorns, the Board yodels and the hack Ensembles?

survey for local radio stations

In the run-up to the publication of the Playlists had called 16 local radio stations your listeners to a song for one of the eleven stages of the Tour to contribute. The Swiss music producer Roman Camenzind mixte from the most mentioned Songs in the respective Playlists.

According to the song includes a selection of little traditional, characteristic or well-known music from the Region. But only those songs that are heard of by the population in the loved one. “This is User-Generated-Content, as it stands in the book,” says spokesman André Aschwanden to VIEW.

it would have been a huge Chance the traveler to the Gotthard with the same name, a group of artists to fill. Also in Bern, Kuno had given away Lauener, his good heart only too happy to tourists. Or Manni Matter about inhibitions philosophizes.

But as it seems, you want to put in front of tourists prefer international uniformity as a proven Swiss cult-music. This is a shame, because Switzerland doesn’t sound, well, definitely. (bro)

The Grand Tour of Switzerland 2015 launched by the tourism Portal of MySwitzerland, leads over 1600 km through all the regions of Switzerland. In the Form of a Road Trip the travelers will learn all facets of the country. The line therefore shows all four language regions, leads across five Alpine passes, through the most important cities and shows a total of 22 lakes. The highest point of the tour is located on the Furka pass at 2429 metres above sea level.M. The Lago Maggiore (193 m above sea level.M.) forms the lowest point of the tour.

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