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Saint-Leonard residents outraged by city’s answers about backed-up sewers – Montreal

People living in the borough of Saint-Leonard say they’re insulted by the city’s answers to the borough’s problems with backed-up sewers.

A few hundred residents showed up at an information session Wednesday evening.

Residents say they have been complaining about backed-up sewers for almost 40 years.

Saint-Leonard residents furious with borough after flash flood

At the information session, city officials blamed the issue on two things: they say the borough has outgrown its infrastructure and that it sits in a low-lying area.

The city also said it’s been diligent in doing the necessary maintenance work, but it can’t afford to enlarge the sewer system.

Meanwhile, officials are encouraging residents to install backflow valves themselves and to fill in any downward-sloping garages.

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But residents are furious at the suggestion.

Much needed Saint-Leonard flood relief drowning in bureaucratic blame game

“We’re paying taxes, we’re not getting a service, we’re just getting excuses,” said Emmanuel Domenico Porco.

“It’s 2019. We put a man on the moon and you guys can’t deal with water coming out of the sky?”

The city says it will take up to two years to complete the necessary studies in order to find solutions specific to each area.

Flash floods occur in Saint-Leonard after intense rain storm

Flash floods occur in Saint-Leonard after intense rain storm

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