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Photographer’s son tells about pictures showing naked Marilyn Monroe on autopsy table

The story of photographer Leigh Wiener will also be covered by the new movie Scandalous: The Death of Marilyn Monroe film.

The day before, Fox News announced a new documentary about the death of Marilyn Monroe. Her body was found by her housekeeper and psychiatrist in her own bedroom in 1962. The project is titled Scandalous: The Death of Marilyn Monroe. The filmmakers will also raise some little-known facts; for example, they will talk about photographer Lee Wiener, who took posthumous pictures of the star.

According to The Daily Mail, a few hours after the discovery of Marilyn’s body, Wiener came up with a plan on how to get rare shots.

Devik Wiener, the photographer’s son, revealed what his father did. Leigh bribed the morgue guards with a couple of scotch bottles. They let him into the morgue, where the body of the actress laid. Leigh managed to make a photo session, but only sent three rolls of film to Time. That was how the infamous photo of a tag on dead Marilyn’s toe got there.

The photographer hid a few more films. The son stated that Leigh had taken many shots of naked Marilyn.

The photographer himself died in 1993, but did not tell his descendants where he had hidden the film with provocative photographs of naked Merlin.

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