Patent suggests new Ford Bronco will be completely topless

Ford will be looking to blow the roof off the SUV segment when it unveils an all-new Bronco next year, and you might be able to do the same to it.

A Ford patent application uncovered by describes a design for an SUV that has a detachable roll cage. The new Bronco is expected to have soft top and removable roof panel options, but both would leave the roll cage in place, as on the Wrangler.

Part of the reason for that is because the three-point seatbelts are attached to the cage, but the patent addresses that hitch by including short posts with seatbelt mounts that slip into the slots that the roof bolts into.

If Ford put the feature into production, owners would be able to create a 21st-century version of the Bronco Roadster, which didn’t come with a roof or doors. The latter are expected to be removable on the new Bronco, too.

Whether or not you’d be able to legally drive a Bronco in this configuration on the street is yet to be seen, but it could be just the thing for cruising off road across Big Sky Country.


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