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On Nation MP Stephen Andrew banned from having guests at Parliament

One Nation’s only Queensland member of parliament has been left red-faced after guests he toured through Parliament House were caught rifling through desks of other MPs after “a couple of bottles of wine”.

Mirani MP Stephen Andrew on Tuesday told the House he was unreservedly sorry the group he was supervising went through the desk compartments of other MPs.

Speaking to the rural Queensland member said while he accepted the ruling of the House, he had “more important” things to worry about, like rising power costs and securing jobs for the people within his electorate.

Mr Andrew was clear he did not believe the guests tampered with, or read anything from the desks saying it was natural human instinct to open draws or cupboards when in areas like furniture shops.

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“It was a dark evening, there was nothing actually looked at,” he said.

“The flipping of the lids did occur, there was no paperwork or anything looked at, just to make that totally clear.”

As a result of incident, Speaker Curtis Pitt barred Mr Andrew from bringing guests into parliament for six months.

“I warned them not to and told them to stop, took them around (parliament) and that was the end of it,” Mr Andrew told

ABC has reported this is not the first time Mr Pitt has written to Mr Andrews about the behaviour of his visitors.

Parliamentary security provided video footage of the group to Mr Pitt.

“The footage indicates that several of the visitors interfered with members’ desks in this chamber by opening the compartments under the desks where members store personal belongings and in some cases interfering with the contents,” Speaker Pitt told the ABC.

“Footage showed that in some cases when this occurred, the member was standing next to the visitor interfering with the members’ desk.

Mr Andrew said he was always proud to tour people through the building and share the rich history of the building, but would adhere to the ban imposed by the speaker.

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