Nagarjuna Gives Zero Credit To Trivikram For Manmadhudu

Nag Gives Zero Credit To Trivikram For Manmadhudu

Hyderabad: Akkineni Nagarjuna shocked many with his speech at the pre release event of Manmadhudu 2.

While speaking about one of his cult comedies Manmadhudu, the veteran superstar gave entire credit of the movie’s success to its director Vijaya Bhaskar.

He has given the credit for the dialogues of Manmadhudu also to Vijaya Bhaskar.

Nagarjuna didn’t even mention writer Trivikram’s name when he was talking about Manmadhudu.

Everybody knows Trivikram’s role in Vijaya Bhaskar’s movies.

Trivikram’s dialogues were the main reason for the success of Manmadhudu and many other films directed by Vijaya Bhaskar. He couldn’t even deliver one hit after Trivikram stopped writing for him.

Why did Nagarjuna didn’t mention Trivikram’s name at all? Did he genuinely forgot about him or did he deliberately ignored him?

There were speculations about Nagarjuna trying to rope in Trivikram for Chay and Akhil films, but it never materialized.

Trivikram also never worked with Nag after turning director. However, Trivikram has given some memorable hits to Samantha Akkineni.

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