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‘My baby is 100% real’

LACEY, New Jersey — Mothers can’t catch a break.

It’s a lesson Patricia Larkin learned after a woman at a New Jersey Aldi store accused her of carrying a fake baby to try and steal yogurt.

Larkin, of Lacey, New Jersey, said in the Facebook group “Lacey Township Chatter” that she was grocery shopping with her infant when a woman told a cashier that her baby was fake and an attempt to “smuggle yogurts out of the store.”

Larkin, despite being fatigued from staying up nights with her 2-month-old daughter, responded to the accusation with humor. She posted a picture of herself smiling while holding her sleeping baby in front of the store’s sign.

Patricia Larkin of Lacey, New Jersey, said a woman accused of her carrying a fake baby through an Aldi store as a ploy to steal.

“Thank you for the laugh,” she wrote in the Facebook group. “1) My baby is 100% real. 2) Yogurts are like $.25 at Aldi. 3) I’m lactose intolerant and don’t consume any dairy at all.”

Larkin said a similarly amused cashier told her about the woman’s accusation, by which time, her infant daughter was crying and fussing like only a real baby could.


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