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Men also need to be aware to be healthy after one age, such as after 30, the responsibilities for men start increasing. This is the age when men are trying their best to find the right harmony between family and career and at the same time they are also at increased risk of getting health problems. In such a situation it is necessary for them to become aware of the possible health hazards in time. After 30, diseases often start knocking in men but through some health check they can protect themselves from these dangers. So let’s know about them.

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Dental examination: There is a direct connection between dental problems and heart disease. When bacteria present in the mouth steps into the body through blood, then it can cause inflammation in the arteries carrying blood to the heart. The good thing is that if the problem of gums is caught in time, it can be completely fixed. Men should have it checked twice a year.

Cholesterol: LDL cholesterol is a major cause of heart attack. However, do you know that LDL levels are normal in fifty percent of heart attacks. So if you have heart problems or blood pressure problems then you should get your heart checked regularly. This will keep you guessing about your heart health. Men should have their cholesterol checked once in five years.

BMI: Obesity has become a major disease nowadays. Millions of people worldwide are suffering from it. Obesity can cause diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. BMI is the test in which you can find the right weight for your height. This investigation shows that whether you are overweight or not close to danger. A BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered correct. If you have a higher BMI, this is a sign that you need to lose weight. Men can get it checked every three years or if they gain weight.

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Testicular cancer: Testicular cancer is the most common disease in men aged 20 to 39 years. If this disease is detected in time, it can be easily cured. Although pain is the only symptom, you have to do regular self-check for it. Keep an eye on abnormal inflammation. You can detect the lump through your thumb and ring finger. Usually, this lump is of the size of a pea. For this, you should examine the scrotum after a hot water shower. Men should have it checked every month.

HIV: Even if you have complete protection, it is not bad to get it checked. HIV / ELISA is considered the best for this test. This is a normal blood test. Apart from this, it can also be confirmed through Western blot. Many types of investigations can be done in this. Men should get it checked every five years.

Diabetes: Diabetes is not a common disease, due to which you may be worried about many other problems. It is estimated that a quarter of people with diabetes do not get diagnosed in time. This diabetes test helps to know whether you can avoid this disease by making changes in the routine. The New England Journal of Medicine states that you can reduce your risk of diabetes by exercising for 30 minutes daily and losing only five percent weight. This research said that by eating fruits, vegetables and fiber-rich foods, you can reduce the risk of diabetes by 58 percent. You should definitely check diabetes once a year.

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