McDonald’s Sweden Tells Its Founder’s Heartbreaking True Story

It’s a beautiful piece—gorgeously filmed and well acted. The film was based on chapters from Lederhausen’s autobiography, and treats Erica’s tragedy—she suffered from cystic fibrosis and passed away in 1976—with the utmost care and respect. And of course, it’s an emotional way to communicate the painfully authentic roots of Ronald McDonald Houses in Sweden. 

“It is with pride and a lot of emotion that we present this film,” says Staffan Ekstam, McDonald’s marketing director in Sweden. “Paul, Iréne and Erica’s life and history have touched us all. We hope to be able to create interest among our guests into contributing to the fundraising we have at the restaurants, and together with us support the Ronald McDonald House Charities in the important work they do for sick children and their families.” 

The film will air in digital, on TV and in cinemas. 


Agency: NORD DDB
Media agency: OMD
PR agency: Prime
Production company: Social Club
Director: Simon Kaijser

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