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Man punches driver who beeped girlfriend at McDonalds

A driver who honked at a young woman as she walked past his car at a Western Australia Macca’s has been attacked by her boyfriend in a dramatic confrontation caught on video.

Footage of the incident has been shared on Facebook site dashcam Owners Australia scores of times and attracted more than 1400 comments.

According to the poster, the incident took place at the McDonald’s drive thru carpark in the northeastern Perth suburb of Ellenbrook.

The footage, which displays a time stamp of 10.50pm, November 30, opens with a young blonde woman exiting her car and walking across the carpark towards the fast food restaurant.

On the way she is beeped at by the driver of a black car. In response she waves her hand dismissively without breaking her stride or looking back.

But after she disappears out of sight into the McDonalds, the driver’s door of her car opens and a very large, muscle-bound, heavily tattooed man — the woman’s boyfriend — gets out and strolls slowly over to the black car.

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