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Loving Disney+? Look out for extra streaming charges from Comcast, Cox

If you have autoplay enabled on your Netflix or Amazon Prime account, listen up: it could cost you hundreds of dollars a year if you’re not careful.

Like so many of us, Michael Markman and his sister Judy were so enamored with the streaming offerings on Disney+ and Apple TV+ that kept the TV going for hours in November. 

Internet provider Comcast noticed and informed the Seattle area residents at the end of last month that they had used up 90% of their monthly data allowance.

“I never before realized there was a data cap,” says Markman, a longtime Comcast customer.  

Welcome to the world of cutting the cord from cable and spending more time with streaming. 

Disney+ is already a huge hit—and now you can get it with a Cyber Monday deal.

Two days after the initial notice, Comcast let the Markmans know they had, indeed, eaten through all 100% of their data and, thus, there would be a $10 overage charge. 

New services like Disney+ offer us unfettered access to most of the gems of the Disney vault, along with Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and 20th Century Fox, with the expectation that we’ll watch them for hours. But while the price is right for Disney+ at $6.99 monthly, many of us didn’t expect our monthly internet rates to go up as well. 


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