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Lord Of The Rings TV Show Adds Game Of Thrones Actor As A Villain

Despite no official announcements, the Lord of the Rings TV show’s cast continues to grow. Deadline reports that Amazon has hired English actor Joseph Mawle to play a lead role in the big-budget fantasy show coming to Amazon Prime.

Mawle is known for a number of roles, including Benjen Stark on HBO’s Game of Thrones. He also played Jesus Christ is the TV show The Passion.

The actor is reportedly going to play a villain named Oren. The show has already reportedly cast Black Mirror actor Will Poulter as Beldor and Australian actress Markella Kavanagh as Tyra. Maxim Baldry, who was most recently seen in HBO’s Years and Years, has also come aboard the Lord of the Rings TV show to play a “significant” but unspecified role.

According to Deadline, Amazon searched far and wide to cast the Lord of the Rings show. The show reportedly employed casting directors in the US, UK, and Australia for the show.

The Lord of the Rings TV show takes place during the Second Age, but there is no word on any of the characters who might appear in it or by what means the show will handle its time period.

In other news, a new Lord of the Rings video game focused on Gollum is in development at Daedalic Entertainment, while a AAA online Lord of the Rings game is also on the way.

For more on Lord of the Rings, check the True Fiction video feature above in which we examine how World War I inspired The Lord of the Rings.

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