Less time on Facebook can lead to better grades, researchers say

As it turns out, using Facebook probably won’t make you any better at reading real books. In fact, cutting back on Facebook could boost students’ grades, according to some recent research from the University of Technology Sydney.

Researchers, led by Dr. James Wakefield, analyzed the grades of over 500 freshman students from an introductory accounting class at an Australian university and found that the more time they spent using Facebook, the worse their grades were. 

For example, students who reported using Facebook for three hours a day or more had test scores about 10% lower than those who used Facebook less often. 

This three-hour mark is significant because it is close to the average amount of time students were found to use Facebook: two hours. Some students, however, reported using Facebook for as many as eight hours.

Screens off:Too much screen time changes children’s brains, study finds

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