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Kate Middleton row: Kate ‘ignored’ over ‘more interesting’ mum at Charlotte’s school | Royal | News

Kate Middleton has been involved in royal life to some degree since university where she first met Prince William. After the couple attended their first high profile event together in April 2008, the spotlight was turned onto Kate. To this day, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge live much of their life in the public eye and royal fans everywhere would expect the couple to be the most “interesting” parents on the playground. However it turns out, the Duchess was actually upstaged by another mum – but who managed to outshine the beloved duchess?

Yesterday, Princess Charlotte completed her very first full week at school and royal fans everywhere are hoping the four-year-old is settling in well and making new friends.

To help ease their daughter into school life, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge dropped her off at Thomas’s Battersea for her first day.

Parents at the school are expected to get very involved in their children’s education, so there are plenty of events that involve the parents.

But with Prince George already at the school, the Cambridge couple are accustomed to the demands of Thomas’s Battersea.

In fact, other parents have said that the couple are regulars on the school run and that they are no longer a commodity.

One parent told the Daily Mail there is actually another mother who people find a lot more interesting than Kate and William, especially the dads.

The parent said: “No one really gives Kate a second glance when she does the school drop-off.

“We have a Victoria’s Secret model doing the school run, too, and the dads are far more interested in her!”

Unfortunately, the chatty parent did not reveal the name of the beauty who frequents the school gates.

But it is most likely a welcome shock to the royals that they are no longer the subjects of curiosity on the playground.

Kate and William have strongly advocated raising their children with as normal an upbringing as possible and are said to try to do the school run as often as possible.

The duchess even took Prince George to school the day after she gave birth to Prince Louis in 2018, having missed George’s first day because she was suffering with severe morning sickness.

William and Kate’s fees for George are currently £6,429-a-term as he is entering Year 2, but they will pay a little less for Charlotte, as she is their second child.

The charge for a second child is £6,305-a-term and if Prince Louis ends up joining his older siblings in a couple of years, his fees would be £5,790.

Similarly to her brother, Charlotte will be known as Charlotte Cambridge to her teachers and fellow pupils, which follows in the tradition formerly established by her father and uncle who took the surnames of Wales to honour Prince Charles’s title.

It is likely to be a happy occasion for Prince George to have his sister join him as reportedly the two siblings “lean on each other” as play dates with outsiders can be tricky.

Speaking to People magazine, a source said: “They are close in age, and they spend so much time together.

“Play dates [with outsiders] can be tricky, so they learn to lean on each other.”

The third and fourth in line to the throne are often pictures playing and laughing together, joking together as young children often do.

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