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Huawei Mate 30 And Mate 30 Pro To Ship Without Google Mobile Services

Overall, the HMS does a decent job at best with over 45000 apps integrated, with plans to incentivise growth of its HMS ecosystem with US$1 billion (~MYR4.2 billion) which will be split into development, user growth and marketing funds. But of course the question remains on whether Huawei devices will be able to officially bring GMS back, to which Huawei said the future remains uncertain as long as the issues between US and China remains.

Of course there are ways to download Google apps on the Mate 30 serie unofficiallys, and some sources even claim Huawei is able to sideload Google apps into the phone in just a matter of minutes. But it’s still unknown if there will be adverse affects on the device, or raise more issues with US and Google.

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