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Here’s why you should not exercise post lunch

Exercise is a healthy practice, which will not only help in losing weight but will also ensure that you stay fit and disease-free. As much as it is advised to regularly workout, it is also recommended to follow a certain food pattern before or after your workout.

Generally, it is easier to exercise in the morning or evenings but sometimes due to time constraints, people also hit the gym at odd hours. Following such a pattern might make you feel uneasy during your sessions and mostly it is because of food habits. Indulging in physical activities after your meals especially lunch can create hindrance in your weight management process.


According to experts, it isn’t advisable to exercise after you have your meal. It can cause vomiting, hiccups or reflux. Especially, if you are eating a proper heavy lunch then getting involved in physical activity is a big no-no. But if you still want to exercise after having your lunch then first wait for some time, casually walk around so that your food gets a little bit digested and then go for a workout.

In case you are into heavy weight training, then avoid eating heavy meals before at least 4-5 hours of exercise. Post-workout meal is ideally advised by dietitians. It majorly consists of fiber and protein that helps in repairing damaged tissues and aids in boosting your metabolism. Feeding your body with enough nutrients ones you are done with your exercise will replenish your system with the lost energy. Working out before your meal will not only help you burn more fat but will also not make you feel sluggish.


Also, if you are really adamant about working out after your lunch then you should definitely choose something light and consume less than 200 calories. A combination of some protein, fiber, and carbs will give you enough energy to work out properly. You can eat a banana or a few almonds just two-three hours prior to your exercise. Never forget to keep yourself hydrated. Drink enough water for at least an hour before your session will kick-start your metabolism. In this way, you won’t feel hungry or weak while you are at it and still can successfully shed some extra fat. Always, start your work out with a light stomach to comfortably accomplish your session.

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