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Heaviest rain in months to dampen bushfires

Forecasters are warning of a “burst of cold weather” in the south east and heavy rain for both the east and south west coasts in the coming days.

Light showers on Thursday in costal areas of New South Wales and Queensland will ramp up with Saturday likely to be the soggiest day. Thunderstorms are possible and where they hit the rain could be amplified.

Up to 100mm may fall in isolated pockets, Brisbane could register more than 40mm in the rain gauge over the weekend likely to be in the areas that need it most — those that have been cursed by bushfires in northern NSW and southern Queensland.

Sky News Weather channel Meteorologist Tom Saunders said that if the forecast 25-50mm fell on the eastern seaboard, “that would represent the heaviest rain in months”.

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Head further south and it’s less about the rain and more about the cold as wintry conditions persist. Melbourne will reach just 16C today and severe frost could be seen in parts of Tasmania over the weekend.

“We’re seeing a burst of colder weather across south eastern Australia,” Mr Saunders said.

Northern NSW and southern Queensland have been scorched by bushfires with temperatures on Tuesday soaring past the 40C mark for the second day running, the flames aided by brisk winds.

“Yesterday was a devastating day for people whose homes were lost due to fires burning out of control,” Sky News’ Rob Sharpe said on Wednesday.

“We had severe, extreme, even catastrophic fire danger in parts of both states.

“But much better conditions are developing. Winds are easing and temperatures dropping.


In Brisbane the temperature will reach 24C today before sinking to 22C on the weekend. More than 40mm of rain could fall on the Queensland capital on a stormy Friday and Saturday.

“Brisbane could see its best rain in seven months if it receives more than 20.6mm, which is a decent chance across Friday and Saturday,” Mr Sharpe said.

“Those storms could spark some new fires, but there’s plenty of rain to go around with this system.”

Moving into NSW, the heaviest rain is likely to be in the state’s northeast with up to 50mm and 100mm in some pockets falling over a four-day period. Byron Bay is looking at 35-55mm.

It will be wet in Sydney too with possible light showers on Thursday and then relatively solid rain across the weekend. If the upper estimates come to pass more than 30mm could fall on the Harbour City. Temperatures will likely peak just shy of 20C.

The rain will peter out the further you go inland but Dubbo could still see 8mm on Friday if a storm rolls through.

Drier the further south you go. There could be showers in Canberra on Friday and Saturday, but they will be more scattered than Sydney and have less moisture in them. Maximums of between 15 and 19C are forecast.

It’s chilly, with a possible shower, in Melbourne today with temperatures struggling to exceed 16C. Into the weekend, 19C is to be expected with lows of 8C.

Hobart is forecast to be a little wetter than Victoria heading into the weekend with maximums of 14C or 18C on Sunday. Overnight lows of just 5C are forecast and there could be extreme frost on higher ground.

Calm conditions in Adelaide will bring a run of sunny days and highs of 21-23C but cold mornings.

Some showers in Perth on the weekend as a cold front passes through. Temperatures around 24C. Much wetter in the south west corner with Albany facing a run of wet days from Friday with up to 15mm falling.

In the Top End, expect 34C and sunny with lows of 24C.

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