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Germany shooting near synagogue in Halle: Live updates

In a second attack in the German town of Halle, a gunman opened fire at a kebab shop, according to police. 

The Kebab shop is about 600 meters (or about 2,000 feet) away from a synagogue.

Police told CNN that one person was killed at the kebab shop and another victim was killed by the synagogue. 

An eyewitness told CNN affiliate NTV that he saw a man wearing a helmet and carrying an assault rifle throw what “looked like a hand grenade with gaffer tape” into the store, but it “bounced back from the door frame and did not land inside the shop and did not explode.” Conrad Rößler said the man then opened fire at “least once” into the shop.

“I and all the other guests around me started running. I think we might have been 5 or 6 guests inside. The man behind me seems to have died. I hid in the toilet. The others looked for a back exit. I was not sure that there is one so I silently locked myself up in the toilet, wrote to my family that I love them and waited what might happen. I heard another loud bang outside, screaming but I don’t know what it was. Then the police came and secured the shop, asking if someone is still inside. So I called out that I am still there, got out to the police, they searched me and now I am standing here.”

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