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EastEnders spoilers: Evil Leo threatens Jack after shocking arrest

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Leo King (Tom Wells) found himself in a rather awkward situation in EastEnders tonight, as he was arrested by Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) after causing a scene in a court house. Although he expertly talked himself out of the charge, he was later disgruntled when he came to realise that Jack was related to none other than Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty). Desperate for revenge on Whitney, Leo resorted to some pretty drastic measures to ensure the young woman remained in the dark about his actions earlier that day.

As Jack arrived to give evidence in court, Leo waited in the corner — hoping to catch a glimpse of the man who was due to appear in the courtroom. When the assailant arrived, Leo proceeded to harass the man, claiming that this is no type of justice. Jack wasted little time in intervening, and Leo found himself down at the police station.

Being a paralegal — not to mention an expert at constructing a narrative to paint himself in a positive light — he was able to avoid getting charged — much to Jack’s dismay.

(Picture: BBC)

Later, the young man went for a drink with Whitney, and as the pair discussed their respective families, Whitney introduced her beau to her uncle. Awks.

Of course, Leo has went to extreme lengths to win Whitney over, and now that he’s done so, he’s closer than ever to getting revenge. Clashing with Jack could ruin his chances, and thus he set about doing some damage control.

After approaching Jack in the market, Leo asked him to keep his arrest from Whitney. However, Jack wasn’t so keen — and he proceeded to suggest that Whitney should know the truth.

With Jack outsmarting him at every given opportunity, Leo turned nasty and subtextually threatened Jack by suggesting that he’ll claim he used force when arresting him earlier should the truth come out. What’s more, Leo went further —reminding him that he doesn’t have the best track record as a cop.

Threatening a police officer is a serious offence for anyone, but for a man of the law, it’s not a good look. Mind you, Leo’s determined to get revenge on Whitney and he’s not willing to let anyone get in his way.

Yes, he’s beginning to demonstrate his sinister qualities, but has he crossed the wrong person in Jack?

We know that Jack seemingly ends up getting beaten up later down the line, so could Leo perhaps be the one responsible for the attack?

EastEnders continues Friday 22ndNovember at 9pm.

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