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Early Prime Day Deal: Our Favorite ‘Cooling Comforter’ Is On Sale On Amazon

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Among the clutter of early markdowns, we spotted gold: A deal worth cozying up with on our favorite sustainable comforter. The Buffy Cloud Comforter is the self-described “cooling comforter” that’s all over the internet. Our writer Danielle Gonzalez decided to check it out for herself earlier this month, where she determined it “change[d] the way I thought about my bed, my sleep and my shopping habits.”

Its cover is made entirely of eucalyptus fiber that’s naturally cooling and moisture-wicking, as well as includes a filling that’s made from 100% recycled BPA-free plastic water bottles. It’s a comforter that feels good and you can feel good about. According to the brand, the comforter keeps 50 plastic bottles out of landfills and protects 12 geese from “live plucking” — which is reason enough to ditch your down comforter habit.

“Tucking myself in was like sliding into a puffy, breathable marshmallow,” Gonzalez wrote in her review. “It was fluffy enough to wrap myself in and feel cocooned, without ever feeling suffocated or weighed down, which is the worst if you move around a lot in your sleep. I fell asleep in my own room, but woke up in what felt like the bed of a fancy hotel I could never afford. I felt pampered just having bedding that soft and fluffy in my proximity.

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