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Deputy PM says linking bushfires to climate change is ‘woke capital-city greenies ravings’ – politics live | Australia news

Let me say this next bit very clearly. The best way to decline Michael’s now rolling invitation to be tribal is to respond with reason, not with emotion.

With that basic objective in mind a couple of things can be noted.

Dear Michael. It is possible to do more than one thing at once.

Perhaps multitasking has never been a particularly strength of the deputy prime minister’s, and that’s fine, because juggling is certainly not for everyone, but I’ll venture it is possible for emergency services to extinguish fires and for politicians and various experts to speak informatively about the underlying causes of fires so catastrophic that they have been designated a state of emergency in the middle of November, not in mid-to-late summer.

I reckon those things can happen simultaneously – both the analysing and the doing – without anything terrible happening or without anything fundamental being compromised.

I think we are that clever. Truly, I do.

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