7 Best Mason Jar Salad Recipes

Taking your lunch to work is an easy (and eco-friendly!) way to save money and enjoy a healthy midday meal that is sure to satisfy. These mason jar salad recipes are super simple to prepare, and will save you from toting around lots of Tupperware. Instead, fill a mason jar (most prefer the pint-sized ones) with all of your favorite ingredients for an excellent grab-and-go salad.

But how should you stack your salad ingredients for maximum freshness? It’s best to add salad dressing to the bottom, then heartier ingredients (think roasted sweet potato, beans, chickpeas, or pasta), then crunchier veggies, protein, and cheese, and topping off with lettuce, if your recipe has leafy greens. This will ensure a barrier, keeping the dressing away from anything that may wilt, and will give your starchy elements a little extra time to soak up some flavor from the dressing. Then, all you have to do is shake, take of the lid, and eat for a money-saving meal that will make all of your coworkers a little jealous.

Wondering how long mason jar salads last? It’s best to make your lunch in the morning before you head to work, but, if you know how to meal prep, the best way to make a super speedy salad is to prepare all of your ingredients over the weekend, making morning assembly so easy.

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