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​Beauty secrets no one taught you

Beauty is such a broad subject that covers pretty much all aspects of our appearance, hair, skin, makeup, nails, and clothes. And sometimes, we tend to spend a lot of money on trying to achieve the beauty standards we have for our selves. So, in this video, we share with you some beauty lifehacks that you didn’t know and once you try you’ll be blown away. We show you some awesome clothing hacks, hair hacks and makeup secrets you haven’t seen before.

– If you are struggling with applying evenly eyeshadow on both your eyes in order to achieve the perfect smokey eye, you can use a teaspoon as a guide. You simply add the teaspoon on your eyelids, apply the eyeshadow to your crease and voila.
– One of the hardest things to achieve when doing our makeup is to make our eyebrows matching and look evenly, and sometimes even professionals struggle to do that. But don’t worry because in this video we show you a perfect method to draw your eyebrows and measure them using a ruler as a guide and some concealer.
– Looking skinnier in photos is something that we all struggle with even when we are working out it is very difficult to show the results through a photograph, so in this video, we show you how you can look skinny in photos simply by using some tape on your back. This will tighten the belly and it will seem like you’ve been working out a lot.
– Speaking of tape, we also show you how you can create fantastic color blocking snails using tape and cutting it in a spiky way in order to create awesome stencils.
– In addition, you can also use tape in order to get rid of fine wrinkles on your forehead. Simply add some tape at the are where you see wrinkles the night before you go to bed and then take it out in the morning.

If you don’t have any scarfs in your house this video will make you invest in a few. Not only are the great to wear with your clothes because they give you a sense of style, but you can also create different clothes using scarfs.
– We show you how to create a fantastic skirt out of scarfs
– We show you how to create an awesome jumpsuit
– You can also use a scarf to create a carrier bag in case you need to carry something heavy.
– In addition to those, you can also use a scarf to turn it into a cardigan.

Watch our whole video to see how many different ways you can wear a single clothing item. This will give you a new perspective on how you can be more inventive with your clothes and how to style your outfits better.

0:39 – How to make a dress fit you perfectly
2:30 – How to look skinny in photos
4:01 – How to get rid of wrinkles
5:07 – From scarf to jumpsuit
6:09 – One piece 10 outfits
9:45 – How to make your jeans fit
10:36 – The overlock stick tutorial
11:22 – Maternity clothing tips
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